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What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is an online or physical curation of your work. Consider a portfolio as a way of showing off yourself professionally with a show and tell. By highlighting your skills and accomplishments, you show the audience what makes you unique among your peers. Preparing your portfolio is not a difficult task, however, it is a task that you should approach with intention, confidence and creativity.

How to build a portfolio.

Know your target audience. Before you even begin curating your portfolio, it is important to research your target audience. Target audience refers to the specific group of people most likely…

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a trending topic on the Internet. For example, the artist known as Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million on 11 March 2021. This article, by James Wan who is a Lawyer and Patent attorney with an interest in Art, AI and Blockchain, is going to explain what an NFT is and more importantly, explain its interaction with intellectual property (IP).

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a unique cryptographic token linked to an item, and can’t be replaced with something else. Most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain and comply with the…

dARTbase How To’s

*This is not legal advice, just tips and tricks!*

Photo by Romain Dancre on Unsplash

A service agreement or commission contract defines the professional relationship between an artist and their client by recording the terms and conditions of the artist’s service and the required output. The agreement also lays out the terms of your client’s obligation to you, including your right to compensation.

When should I use a Service Agreement?

We recommend signing a contract for every commission you take on whether it be a one-time commission or an ongoing project. …

An Interview with Cindy Vogels

image from https://www.cindyvogels.com/about

Interviewer: Okay, awesome. Cindy, welcome on behalf of dARTbase, and thank you for letting us into your space and home. The set design is beautiful.

CV: Thank you so much for coming.

Interviewer: Such a pleasure. My name is Kayla, so I’ll be interviewing you today. And yeah, pretty keen. I wanna know everything. Everything about you. So, start with the introduction: who are you? What do you do? And who have you worked with?

CV: I’m Cindy Vogels and I’m predominantly a costume designer in the music industry. I probably get mistaken for…

Creating your Artist Bio!

dARTbase How-To’s

Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

Why Do You Need An Artist Bio

An artist bio introduces you to your potential audience, providing a clear picture of who you are and what you hope to accomplish with your art. Initially, it can be difficult to create a memorable and catchy artist bio, but it is not impossible.

Understanding Your Audience

Your artist bio should be tailored around your audience. An artist’s bio is another form of marketing, so that the information you provide exudes confidence. Consider the kind of audience you’re trying to reach and what they might find important…


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